Wedding Celebrant

You’ve chosen your venue, and you’re pretty sure about the date for your wedding.  Now you need to consider who will actually conduct your ceremony for you.  That’s an option which has traditionally been limited to two choices:  a full-blown religious ceremony, or Legal Wedding ceremony.

But now there’s a third choice open to you, and most wedding couple are completely unaware of it.  You can have your ceremony conducted by a Celebrant, someone who specifically to be able to conduct bespoke ceremonies.  In this way, your ceremony will be conduct either under semi- religious or not religious at all.

Our celebrant offer complete flexibility in helping you to celebrate your love and commitment. Traditional or alternative, ordinary or extraordinary… We always encouraging of your wishes to help create the ceremony that most perfectly suits you and your day!

Whether you choose to hold your celebration at a traditional venue or somewhere different in a private villa or resorts, on a public landmark, or in the privacy of your own home; having a celebrant conduct your service allows you the flexibility to hold your ceremony at a time and place that is perfect for you.

We offer Celebrant service for a range of different ceremonies to suit your celebration such as: Wedding Ceremony, Commitment Ceremony, Renewal Vows and Same Sex Commitment. We give you freedom of choice offered to you in a celebrant ceremony, which is you can: write your own vows, share religious or non-religious readings, to include spiritual or cultural traditions, play your favourite music or add any other personal touch that is appropriate to your way of life!

There is no template, no formula, and no such thing as right or wrong. There are no rules. Your ceremony and script will be personally written and crafted to suit your choice of celebration and  – most importantly – your personality and lifestyle. If you wish to have a template, then we are more than happy to send you the example.

You can even choose to celebrate in an alternative or spiritual way by including a symbolic ceremony such as a: hand fasting, Sand Blending, Unity Candles, Ring Warming, Memory Box/ Time capsule, Balinese blessing or by including any other symbolic or cultural ceremony which is meaningful to you.

What does a typical ceremony include?
There is no typical ceremony because each one is bespoke, but a rough idea might include:

  • Opening/ Introduction
  • Readings and poems
  • Information about how the two of you met and how you are planning your life together
  • Personalised vows
  • Exchange of rings
  • Extra symbolic/ cultural procession such as a Unity Sand ceremony
  • Closing flower confetti

Celebrant service start from USD 350
Travel expenses may be added for ceremony out of town, cost dependent on location.

Please note: A celebrant ceremony is not a legally binding ceremony. For your marriage to be recognised by law in your own country, you must also complete the necessary legal formalities at home before or after your visit to your chosen destination. Or if you wish to have the legal formalities at a registry office, please find more information at our Legal Wedding page


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