Do you want to get marriage in Bali and don’t have any clue where to start? Here we give you frequently question and answer from our customers.


FAQ about Wedding Planner


Question        : Why do I need a wedding planner?
Answer           : For some people they love challenge and arrange wedding will make them excited. We believe that most of the people agree that time is the most expensive commodity in our live. Organizing a wedding from overseas is time consuming and difficult. Bali Wedding Butler offer you services for arrange complete arrangement and coordination which will save you time and money. We have lots of vendor’s contacts which is work together since 2003 and we know how to work more efficient and organizing multiple wedding in a week from arranging legal documents or even just simple ceremony. Our team will be ready on your Wedding day to make sure everything runs smoothly.

Question        : Why choose Bali Wedding Butler?
Answer           : We are Legal Wedding Company since 2005, based in Bali and England. You will be dealing with Desyana Squires and her team who is local Balinese and has lots of experiences and understand about lots of culture from other different countries. She traveling since 2005 to most of area in Australia, Europe, Middle East, Singapore, Malaysia, Japan, Thailand, Philippine and of course most of Indonesian island to understand and learn the cultures.
You do not need to worry about a language barrier when trying to organize your wedding.
Each email will answered personal and the social media contact are ON for 24 hours. So don’t be surprise if your text will still answer in the middle of the night as we try the best communication and understand the time zone between Bali and your home country.

Question         : What are Bali Wedding Butler fees?
Answer            : The Price our coordination fee will depend on each wedding details and total guests, as well the location of the wedding itself. If you just need consultation, then we will charge you Consultation fee only. Consultation available via phone call, social media phone call, video call, meeting at your hotels or meeting in our office. All based on an appointment and payment in advance. We will make schedule for you. For more information you can visit our Wedding Planner page.

Question        : Why Bali Wedding Butler charge consultation/ meeting fees?
Answer           : As wedding planner, we deal with lots of client from all over the world 24/7 which is also need our attention. Answering all text messages, social media message, emails and phone call from confirmed clients are really need time management. We do hope you understand that we don’t have time to waste, just to come for a meeting and ask us questions for free. We try to work very efficient and useful for all our confirmed clients. And we are committed to do the best for the client when they confirmed using our services, especially for them who already paid deposit.
If you don’t wish to pay the consultation fee then you can find basic wedding information that we share in our website and choose basic wedding package or any other wedding packages which is ready to go from section of Elopement wedding, hotel/ villas wedding, chapel wedding and many others.

Question        : What do Bali Wedding Butler’s Fee Cover?
Answer           : Your fee covers us planning the entire wedding (unlimited emails and questions for some case up to a year and a half) Our Full Wedding Services include of Budget planning, Venue Sourcing, Ceremony, Catering, Entertainment, Flowers/Décor, Photographer/Videographer, Guest Management, On the Day Co-ordination, hair and make-up service, Transportation & Accommodation, Honeymoon, Sound & Lighting. Our experienced team have insider information on many of Wedding options in Bali which will saving you time. This allows you stress free planning before you go and a relaxed few days before the Wedding.
The final result is an occasion that will surpass everything you ever dared dream of. A day that will embody style and elegance – a celebration so sensational that it will never be forgotten by you or your guests.

Question        : Will Bali Wedding Butler Wedding Coordinator actually be there on the Wedding Day?
Answer           : Bali Wedding Butler team mostly are Balinese and live in Bali. So YES our team will in- charge on the wedding day from 9.30 am – 24.00 pm. There will be 1 Project Manager with Wedding Coordinators who will in-charge all day.

Question        : Is there any fee if we request few sample of proposal/ estimation cost for wedding package in Bali?
Answer           : YES, we charge you USD 200 net for details breakdown/ estimation cost for up to three different resort or private villa combinations. We will work with you to find the right wedding destination at resort or private villa which is suit with your Budget expectation. For some special wedding proposal which will required more details and consultation will charge USD 450 net
This fee will refund 50% as your deposit as soon as you confirm our package and appoint us as your Wedding Planner.

Question        : How long does it take to actually arrange everything?
Answer           : Each arrangement need different time. If there just the two of you and no legal paperwork involve then we can arrange last minute wedding within 1 week. If you have wedding ceremony followed by wedding reception then more notice will be better.
For wedding at private villa with guests more than 60pax, we prefer to arrange minimum 6 months in advance. Just to make sure the wedding date and the wedding venue still available. But if you have no particular venue and just make sure you can get marriage as soon as possible, then we are more than happy to take last minute booking based on the availability of wedding venue on our list.
For the wedding with specific details, most couples plan from 6 – 24 months in advance.
We had organized wedding within 35 days for our special client who invite 300 guest with full board arrangement: flight, hotels for guests, wedding reception, flower, catering, photo & video, stage, dance floor, giant marquee tent to cover 35 tables, sound & lighting and of course invite famous singer to entertain during wedding dinner. Everything possible when the budget is available to cover our Full Service Arrangement.


FAQ about wedding package in Bali


Question        : Is it expensive to get married in Bali?
Answer           : Not at all, most of wedding package in Bali far cheaper than your own country. There are so many options for weddings depending on your budget. We have wedding package which is just cost USD 900 include the wedding venue. Some small wedding might cost over USD 15,000 and some of it might cost less. It all depends on what you are after and what you want to spend. 

Question        : What is the average cost of a Destination Wedding?
Answer           : Wedding budget for wedding overseas will depend on the wedding destination and venue you choose. Each location will have own policy and standard rate. Wedding on the beach and wedding on the cliff will totally have different budget to spend. The total guests will also affect the budget. Nice Wedding elopement will start from USD 1,500. Wedding at normal hotel/ resort with guest will starting from USD 2,500 without guests and minimum USD 7,500 for wedding with guests. Wedding at famous Resort will cost from USD 15,000 and private wedding at villa with complete arrangement average cost between USD 30,000 & USD 55,000. We tailor made the Wedding package to suit the Bride and Groom budget expectation.

Question        : What is a wedding proposal?
Answer           : Our proposal will give you an estimation cost of all items details you need for wedding in Bali. Completely itemized break down of all costs inclusions selected by you with additional wedding options and most important a total overall cost. Wedding proposal will only send to you after you confirm with deposit payment for using our services. Otherwise you can just book the package which is already available on our selection.


FAQ about Legal Wedding and others


Question         : Is our wedding overseas will accept legally in our home country?
Answer            : Most of our previous client who legally married in Bali has no problem when they back to their home country. You can choose to have a Fully Legal Wedding or a non- legal wedding or Commitment ceremony – Please check our Legal Wedding page

Question        : Can we just have a civil ceremony or does it have to be religious?
Answer           : As you choose Bali as wedding venue and Bali is part of Indonesia, then the civil ceremony will only be possible after you do religious ceremony. Most legal wedding will need to have blessing ceremony from one of religion in Indonesia. Please visit our Legal Wedding page and contact us for exact requirements.

Question        : Do I need to come over to meet or view the venues? 
Answer           : It is up to you. But honestly we will say “NO you no need to come”. Why? There are lots of wedding couple since 2003 from all over the world organizing wedding from their home country and all very happy. Some people do prefer to come over to Bali to check the wedding venue. It will be time consuming and as well cost money. It’s good when you have plan to come to Bali for holiday and at the same time to do site inspection. We do really happy to meet you and take you to see the venue.
As modern technology, we can arrange everything for your wedding online. Via emails, video call, conference call and exchanges photo and videos. It would be better to use your money to add on to your wedding budget rather than spend it for flight, hotel, transport and few days holiday in Bali just for checking the venue.

Question        : Why we you suggest to have a Destination Wedding in Bali?
Answer           : Your wedding day is very special moment in your life time and it’s all about being share those moment with your love one with or without family and friends. A destination wedding has fewer time constraints giving you all more time to spend together. It’s less stressful as we take care of everything for you so you can relax and enjoy all the Planning and your trip from the Beginning to End. It’s less tress as you will not only think of your wedding but thinking of your holiday as well. Its unique experience for all of you as a Beautiful Wedding Day will give new experiences for your guests to relax and enjoy the culture of the Destination.


FAQ about payment


Question        : Do we pay everything in US Dollars even though our currency not USD and the wedding in Bali which is using Rupiah Currency?
Answer           : Yes our package rate have two currencies in USD and Rupiah. For all wedding packages will charge in USD and any other extra services will charge in Rupiah currency. We can help to convert everything into your home currency so you will not have a problem transferring the payment. A great tip when the Dollar is strong pay as much off your wedding as you can so we can lock in any foreign currency amounts and adjust your costs accordingly.

Question        : How we can make the payment?
Answer           : You can do the payment by Bank Transfer, Paypal, Western Union, Money Gram and Credit Card. Payment by Telegraphic Bank Transfer will takes 4-5 working day and you will need to pay bank fee. Please mention to your bank that we need to receive “FULL AMOUNT” so there will be no deduction when we receive the transfer.
For small amount transfer we suggest you to pay by Paypal as it charge less and we can receive the transfer within seconds after you made transfer.
We only able to accept credit card payment when you already in Bali as you will need to swap the card in our machine. We can’t charge your credit card just using the card number.
If you wish to use your Credit Card to pay the deposit, we suggest you to transfer via Western Union or Money Gram and do the transfer online as the online platform will be able for you to use the credit card details. Any transfer via Western Union and Money Gram will charge in Rupiah currency, as our bank will not accept foreign currency. You will need to contact us for the conversion rate.


FAQ about Wedding Association in Bali


Question        : What is Bali Wedding Association?
Answer           : Bali Wedding Association is one of the group of Professional Wedding Businesses in Bali which is government-related wedding organization in Bali since 2014. Members of the Bali Wedding Association must be legally registered businesses in the government office.

Question        : What is the different between wedding planner which is member and non- member of Bali Wedding Association?
Answer           : Wedding planner under Bali Wedding Association must be legally registered businesses in the government office, and wedding planner which is non- member are not always registered by Bali Government. There are many wedding planner you can find online and doing business in Bali but have no license from government.

Question        : Is Bali Wedding Butler a member of Bali Wedding Association?
Answer           : No, we are not a member of Bali Wedding Association. But we are legal wedding company known by one of the Pioneer Legal Wedding Company in Bali which is establish since 2005 with the founder Ms. Desyana Squires who work on wedding business since 2003. Bali Wedding association itself establish since 2014. Even we are not a member of the association, but we know most of the member as we are friends.

Question        : Is safe to book Bali Wedding Butler as it’s not a member of Bali Wedding Association?
Answer           : YES, it 100% safe to book our services as we are Legal Wedding Company which is registered by the Government since 2005 and we establish far before the Wedding Association were born.  It’s just an option for us to join the association or not, as associations have no authority or control over the wedding industry on the Island. Bali Wedding Butler have a proven track record and have high quality performance, professionalism and excellence in wedding services and follow international code of ethics of hospitality business.

Question        : There are lots of rumors that it’s dangerous to book wedding with non-member of Bali Wedding Association. Is that true?
Answer           : No it’s not true. There are lots of good and professional wedding organizer which is non- member of Bali Wedding Association that you can find online. Some of them are good and some might not as you are expecting. Some of them are registered by the government and establish far before the Association were born, and some of them are new and just start the business in Bali.
It’s just the way of marketing from the company who looking for identity and feel more confident by having a logo from Association which as it believe will help the company to get more establishment.
What you must be worry is the company which is not legally registered by Indonesian/ Bali government. Some of them might just have online address, work based on free-lance system and don’t have an office as they work from home or anywhere which is known well by “walking office”.

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