The cutting of a wedding cake is a symbol of unity and the first steps towards a lifetime of love and commitment.
Bali Wedding Butler also able to provide wedding cake. Bali Wedding Butler help the wedding couple to get best cake from the selected cake vendors in Bali. Our Balinese talented cake company partners can create cakes to order based on traditional or modern requests, based on the wedding cake design and detail that you would like to have. So let us know or give us pictures of cake that you would like to have then we will make it.
Wedding cake not always traditional wedding cakes. Often the couple are looking for normal cake for them to cut as symbolise the marriage celebration. Our collection of wedding cakes start with simple yet elegant simply white, simply ruffle or simply naked cake. These cakes are perfect if want to keep things chic and minimal or add your own personal ideas, including fresh flowers or some cake toppers.
Whether you want a 1 tier, 2 tiered, 3 tiered, 4 Tiered or 5 tiered cake we have you covered. All you need to do is choose your design and flavor. Wedding cake prices normally start from IDR 2,500,000 for a two tiers which won’t blow your budget if you want a beautiful and tasty cake. But if you just looking for a cake then it might cost less.

Check the pictures sample of wedding cakes from our Instagram. Some client just choose from our ready selection and some of them create new one by combine few designs.
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Wedding Cake atau kue pernikahan merupakan salah satu tradisi yang tidak pernah dilewatkan oleh pengantin. Lepas dari pernikahannya sederhana atau  pun mewah, pernikahannya dirayakan di Rumah atau pun di hotel, villa dan tempat glamour lainnya. Kue pernikahan akan selalu ada dalam berbagai kemasan yang simple sampai model yang mewah.
Untuk wedding cake sendiri ada ada banyak macam pilihan, mulai dari jenis ukuran, rasa, jenis Dekorasi sampai aplikasi kue yang menbuat kue itu terlihat lebih mewah. Apapun permintaan anda akan berusaha dilayani. Kami berusaha memberikan yang terbaik di hari terindah anda.

Kami juga melayani permintaan sederhana seperti kue tart yang di hias sedemikian rupa agar menarik untuk dipotong pada hari special anda. Bukan hanya sekedar kue tart saja, tradisional kue basah dan Spesial Wedding cake berkwalitas utama sesuai budget. Masalah rasa tinggal dibicarakan saja, yang terpenting adalah kepuasan anda. Wedding cake yang asli atau pun palsu (fake) mampu kami sedikan dengan berbagai tingkat ukuran dan ketinggian sesuai dengan permintaan anda. Jangan ragu untuk mengirimkan design wedding cake anda.

Segera hubungi untuk informasi lebih lanjut.


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Wedding Packages

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Wedding Planning

Planning a wedding takes on average 300 hours and requires a diverse skill set including; designing, organising, contact vendors and negotiating and budget planning and running the wedding on the day it-self.

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Do you want to get marriage in Bali and don’t have any clue where to start?
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