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Catholic wedding ceremony in Bali lead by Catholic Priest called “ROMO” Wedding in Bali with Catholic wedding procession must be perform in the Catholic Church. Catholic wedding also required additional paper works from original Catholic Church.  Catholic Wedding in Bali ask that both partner must have single status since Catholic Church will not allowed for divorce person to marriage again except there is dispensation letter from Catholic Rome. If the former spouse is not Catholic (Christian/ Buddhist/ Moslem) then it should be dispensation letter from your Catholic Church. For more information of catholic Ceremony for different religion, you can contact us at
Detailed explanation of all aspects of wedding procession with questions / comments via email or telephone
Detailed plan of wedding procession
Donation to the church
Local priest fees
Blessing ceremony in the church
Religious certificate of marriage from the Catholic Church
Document processing to Church
Full Wedding coordinator assistant and service
  - Arrival meeting service with The wedding Butler to answer questions and familiarize with schedule and liturgy
  - Meeting at hotel and church (if required)
  - Wedding day presence to ensure smooth procession during the ceremony
Ceremony perform in English/ Indonesia or both
2 (two) little girls in Balinese costume as your flower girls
Basket of Red Roses petal shower
Standard Photo Package during ceremony and after ceremony (maximum 2 hours) include of 50 printed photos with Black standard album and DVD master photos
 for the above package without standard photo package
Documents required for Catholic Blessing :
Copy of passport/ KTP for Indonesian
Copy of birth certificate
Copy of baptism certificate (the re- new one will be very good)
Copy of passport and baptism certificate of two witnesses
6 pieces of photograph size 4cm x 6cm (groom on the right side of the bride)
Liberth/ single status from Priest in your country
Pre- marriage course certificate from Priest in your country
Canon investigation from Priest in your country
Delegation letter from Priest in your country to our priest in Bali as permission to lead your wedding in Bali
Dispensation letter from Priest in your country to our priest in Bali as permission for different religion wedding

Please note that ceremony should take place in the Catholic Church and it will be an additional cost for using the church with the administration fee.

Please note that divorced people cannot re- marry in the Catholic Church, no matter if the previous marriage took place in a church or civil office.

The documents should be forwarded to us latest 45 days prior to the wedding date (requirements from the church)

Please contact us if you find any problem to complete the above documents or need details info for couple who has different religion.

For any question or special case if one of the couple divorced under different religion and wish to get marriage under Catholic church just because the partner is Catholic, please contact us by email at

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